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Orthodontics in Shelton

Your smile is an important part of your self image and how you appear to the world. A smile with overcrowding, spaces or crooked teeth can send the wrong message and may deprive you of an opportunity or the first impression you are hoping for. Let Dr. Einbinder help straighten your smile.
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What's your type? The one that works!

Dr. Einbinder is experienced in all the different types of braces available today. You or your child may choose mini metal braces, which are much easier on the eye than they used to be, clear braces, invisible braces, and removable appliances or clear aligners. Schedule an appointment to explore which options are best for you.  

Yes, we do this for your health

Sometimes the need for braces goes beyond the cosmetic. Pain with chewing can be the result of poorly aligned teeth which orthodontic braces can correct. Periodontal or gum disease may worsen as a result of crowded and malaligned teeth. Orthodontic braces can help to prevent gum disease and treat periodontal disease already present. There are orthodontic appliances to prevent and treat damage in children who thumb, digit suck or have tongue thrusts. Additionally, jaw deformities including a protruding upper jaw, a weak lower jaw or a protruding lower jaw may require both orthodontic braces and maxilofacial surgery. Dr. Einbinder has worked extensively with maxilofacial surgeons in the area and at Yale. Orthodontic treatment may be helpful in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMJ) with resultant myofascial pain and headache.
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Your treatment, our secret

If an adult patient or child wishes not to broadcast to work or school that you are wearing braces, ask Dr. Einbinder about clear sapphire braces . Durable and discreet this does the same job as traditional metal/ mini braces, but are less noticeable.  
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